Internal audit of a medical organization

Internal audit of a medical organization

Approaches to the organization of the internal audit function in a medical organization can be classical, focused on the International Framework for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, developed by the Institute of Internal Auditors. This organization of control activity is based on the concept of Three Lines of Defense. Control environment of medical organization…

Internal audit

Internal audit – a guarantee of improving the company’s performance

Today the concept of “internal audit” is widespread in business. Many large enterprises and companies prefer to create their own internal audit services and departments, training their employees. Besides, there is a constantly growing demand on the labor market for specialists who possess relevant knowledge and have an international diploma. Tasks of the internal audit…

General information about ISO 14001

Environmental management by obtaining ISO 14001 certification

The purpose of adopting this system is to preserve the profitability of production while reducing the level of negative impact on the atmosphere, hydrosphere, soil, and to minimize the amount of waste. Companies can confirm the adoption of and compliance with environmental management by obtaining ISO 14001 certification. Any company or business activity affects the…

ISO 13485 Medical Devices

ISO 13485 Medical Devices

Safety in quality is very important in the medical devices space. Regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly stringent throughout the product lifecycle, with a focus being placed on competence, requirements, and design validation activities. In addition, there is a larger expectation for organizations to not only demonstrate product compliance, but adherence to their own quality management…

Risk Management. It’s not all doom and gloom.

Typically, when you hear the word risk it’s associated with a bad or adverse incident. At Distinct Compliance Engineering, we love it. It’s inevitable as more organisations move toward management system certification (Quality, OHS, Environmental), and as more standards become harmonious with ISO’s annex SL, we are seeing more effort to implement risk management principles….