The purpose of adopting this system is to preserve the profitability of production while reducing the level of negative impact on the atmosphere, hydrosphere, soil, and to minimize the amount of waste. Companies can confirm the adoption of and compliance with environmental management by obtaining ISO 14001 certification.

Any company or business activity affects the state of the natural environment. To control and minimize the negative impact on the environment, companies implement a production process management system to assess damage and implement measures to eliminate it.

These programs are based on the international standard ISO 14001.

What needs to be checked during the certification

The ISO 14001 environmental management program certification organization verifies the following:

  • Compliance of the program implemented in the company with the provisions of the standard, the requirements of legislation in the field of environmental protection
  • The degree of negative impact of the company’s main environmental parameters on the nature
  • The EMS improvement program adopted by the legal entity
  • Results of application of ecomanagement provisions

During confirmation of the company’s compliance with ISO 14001 standard, certification experts check whether all sources of impact have been taken into account by the legal entity. Compliance of the technological processes, finished products with the established standards, actual compliance with ISO 14001 are also objects of attention of the certifying agency.

A document of compliance with ISO 14001 can be obtained by companies that meet the standards for emissions into the atmosphere, waste generation, resource use, energy, and implement energy efficient technologies. The conclusions on compliance with the conditions of the environmental management system are also influenced by official statistics, the results of inspections by the state supervisory authorities.

The company’s ISO 14001 certificate may be one of the requirements for participants in tenders, auctions, requests for quotations for the purchase of goods or works. Implementation of environmental management indicates the stability of the company and its responsibility to the consumer and the environment. Therefore, the products of such a company are more trustworthy than those of a non-certified organization. What else certification gives:

  • Limits risks of loss in case of abnormal situations
  • It allows to control and optimize energy and resource consumption
  • Provides high confidence from lending, insurance companies
  • Simplifies the procedures for obtaining permits

Besides, the certificated system of environmental management raises reputation of the company among partners, investors and consumers. The certificate is issued according to the standard similar to the international one, that is why the company becomes attractive for potential foreign partners.

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Certification opens up new opportunities for companies

  • Continuous improvement of policies to manage production processes and increase the impact of those processes
  • Increased consumer confidence in products and, consequently, increased demand for them
  • Reduced rates of manufacturing defects
  • Increased volume of transactions with domestic and foreign partners

Confirmation of compliance with ISO 9001 will increase the company’s chances of winning auctions and tenders for purchases and performing various work. The quality management system is similar to the international standard, so a certificate will guarantee the reliability and stability of your business to foreign investors.