What is the benefit of using external resources to perform your internal audits? Organisations have their own dedicated staff to execute and report on the internal audit schedule. The question is, even though the auditor appears objective and not associated with the operation being audited, are they truly objective?

In most cases the answer is, no. It is hard to remain objective when you are required to develop relationships with stakeholders within your organisation. This is even more evident in smaller organisations where the auditor is required to “wear many hats”. We are noticing more and more companies turning towards external auditors to execute their internal audit programs to avoid this situation and gain more benefits such as:

  • Value add – an external auditor, in most cases, known very little about your organisation, but a lot about the criterion that is being audited. They have the innate advantage to “see” what others may not because of this attribute and, if required, raise issues that add value to your audit program.
  • Knowledge – understanding many methods of applying an audit criterion brings in external information that you can use to help grow and improve your system.
  • Time – Large or small, internal resources are valuable. As time become more of a commodity within organisations, the value adds of freeing resource up can help, presenting opportunities.

ISO Audits – A few things to remember

A few things to remember about external resources for ISO audits. Whether it is an internal or certification audit, the auditor is not making a personal attack on your work. The intent is to assess compliance to the criterion and identify opportunities. A good auditor will discuss the issues presented and work with you to find a resolution.  Remember that requirement for internal audits measures your system, its performance, effectiveness to meet the criterion, and opportunities to improve the system.

If you want to increase internal audit value, expand your pool of knowledge, and save time then contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation.

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