ISO 27001 Certification Consultant Service

Why ISO 27001 certification is needed
ISO 27001 certification identifies and eliminates all security threats and increases the level of system security. It therefore reduces the cost of operating expenses, increases the controllability of the company and allows better control over capital and stock movements. It also minimizes the possibility of leaks of sensitive information, because the cost of disclosure can be very high.

  • ISO 27001 is a prerequisite for software deliveries to other countries. If it is not available, software cannot be exported.
  • Requirement of state structures. Especially it concerns banks, companies, engaged in any kinds of insurance, investment funds and others.
  • ISO 27001 certificate is a mandatory condition for any company to participate in tenders, auctions, public contracts.
ISO 9001 certification has a variety of benefits like,

  • Clearly demonstrate to customers, business partners, investors – well-established, effective information security management in the company
  • Increase of loyalty and trust
  • Growth of investment attractiveness
  • Competitive advantage

If your organization is looking to protect its information resources, minimize some risks, and demonstrate a serious approach to security, then you need to apply for ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001 Provides

  • Definition of goals and an understanding of the direction and principles of activities regarding information security;
  • Defining approaches to risk assessment and management in the organization;
  • Managing information security in accordance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements;
  • Using a unified approach in creating, implementing, operating, monitoring, analyzing, maintaining and improving the management system so that information security objectives are achieved;
  • Defining the processes of the information security management system;
    determining the status of information security measures;
  • Use of internal and external audits to determine the degree of compliance of the information security management system to the requirements of the standard;
  • Providing adequate information to partners and other stakeholders about the information security policy.

What is the ISO 27001 assessment process?

If a company decides to obtain ISO 27001 certification, it must audit its system, i.e. bring its information security management system into compliance with this standard or, if there is no such system, develop and implement one. Then conduct and formalize its final audit for compliance. This work is usually structured as follows:

Preparation for ISO 27001 certification. Preliminary activities consisting in remote verification of documentation and, based on its results, preparation of required changes to the ISMS. Such work is always performed by a specialized company with relevant experience.

The visit of an expert to the object to be certified. Verification of readiness for certification (first-stage audit). Certification audit (second stage audit). It can be carried out by specialists of our consulting company who have exclusive rights to issue certification documents in accordance with ISO 27001.

ISO 27001 Consultant Service

Our work on the development and implementation of management systems is based on principles – an individual approach with a comprehensive solution to the needs of the client. Each time the project is prepared for specific tasks, depends on the current state of the management system of the customer’s company. ISO Consultants of our company carry out a project of preparation and implementation of management system, working closely with representatives of client company.

It allows to understand business processes, to react on current changes, to analyze successfully intellectual experience of company employees and successfully use obtained information for preparatory process of management system implementation and as a result to get ISO 9001 certificate.

Integrate ISO 27001 standards

Distinct Engineering can help you improve your processes, implement the PDCA cycle and prepare your company for ISO 27001 certification

As a result, you will get international certification and established processes of IS protection in accordance with ISO 27001. There may even be benefits in certification with most bodies offering time discounts for integrated systems.