World Day for Safety and Health at Work (April 28)

World history has a huge number of all sorts of events that have occurred throughout the existence of mankind. Holidays are divided into historical, state days, protection and support, as well as many others. Professional events that are dedicated to a profession or specialty are also common. This is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Workers, which is traditionally celebrated by all employees associated with the industry. The celebration itself depends on the specific team or organization, all sorts of events or celebrations can be organized.

The world organization, which is called the International Labor Organization, has decided that April 28 is Occupational Safety and Health Day. It is an annual event that aims to promote the profession.

The history of the holiday goes back to 1989. It was the year that workers and unions in businesses in Canada and the United States established “Memorial Day for Fallen Workers.” It was a kind of tribute to those co-workers and professionals who lost their lives on the job.

April 28 also managed to be designated as the International Day of Remembrance for workers who were injured or lost their lives while on the job. This event is especially commemorated in the United States and Canada. The authorities of the countries organize a large number of activities and other events. The idea of Occupational Safety and Health Day is aimed at improving the health of workers, to help prevent injuries and fatalities in the course of duty, reducing the number of occupational diseases, regardless of the country or point of the globe.

Creation of information blocks, advertising, organization of events is conducted in order to make the general public pay attention to the problems in the field of labor protection, to the increase in the number of accidents at work, the increase in the number of occupational diseases and deaths from it.

Who’s celebrating

To date, governments and other related organizations in nearly a hundred countries worldwide have taken various actions to draw public attention to the problems in the area presented. Employers’ associations, with the help of national and regional authorities, as well as various civic organizations and activists, take part in the organization of celebrations. Day of labor protection in the organization and at the enterprise Absolutely everyone can take part in the events.

This applies to all participants, starting with the company that conducts its activities by its employees and ending with controlling organizations, governments that act as observers of compliance and observance of workers’ rights. Everyone must work together to reduce injuries and fatalities. It is the responsibility of government agencies to build infrastructure and maintenance. This will maximize productivity. Thus, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, may be celebrated not only by the employees of the relevant services and departments, but also by the workers in the enterprises, government officials who ensure the control and creation of conditions for health and safety, and by everyone.

History, traditions and statistics

Each year, the organization publishes articles written by world experts in the field. They reflect the personal ideas of the authors on the concept of occupational safety and the present and future of the field. Various issues are raised that can be presented from the points of view of completely different people. Measures for developing new ideas and putting them into practice are described. Statistics indicate that about six thousand people are died every day all over the planet. Every year, the figure presented increases by at least ten percent. Practice shows that most fatal cases occur due to non-compliance with established safety ISO certification standards and simple savings on special clothing, decontaminants, and other things.

For twenty years, more than a hundred countries have joined in the organization and celebration of Occupational Safety and Health Day. Measures are taken by all involved to prevent accidents, injuries and deaths in the workplace.

Accompanying World Day, the International Trades Union Congress has set the theme for Workers’ Memorial Day 2022 as ‘Make safe and healthy work a fundamental right. It’s a no-brainer’.

We encourage everyone to recognise the importance of work health and safety by promoting World Day for Safety and Health at Work and Workers’ Memorial Day 2022 in their workplace on 28 April 2022.

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