This one is a spin-off of the preventative maintenance blog a little while back, so take a look at that one too! So you have your process in place. Your equipment and workforce have been there for some time and are working great. Murphy’s law has shown us time and time again that the having documented evidence of something is often forgotten until it’s too late.

Great speech, but how does this relate to you?

Lets take a look at the OH&S act*. It puts a lot of weight and emphasis on documented evidence and in such giving regulators “power to obtain information” along with duties of people to release documents as evidence in regulators control.

How do you cover yourself and show evidence of safe equipment and work practices?

One way is to hold your hand on your heart and swear that you’ve been, so far as reasonably practicable, providing and maintaining a working environment that is safe and without risk to health.

Unfortunately, having documented evidence of this does not seem “unreasonable” to most.

Alternatively, you could hold one hand on your heart and the other on the stack of documentation you have that formed part of your preventative maintenance and commissioning tasks.

That sounds a bit more robust!

You would be surprised at how many workplaces we see that neglect the simplest form of documentation such as an equipment logbook or a workplace risk assessment.

One of the easiest forms of showing that you have some documented preventative maintenance is to have your equipment go though Test and Tag (according to AS3760, of course).

The process provides a standard for electrical testing as well as a recognised standard for documentation that is inherent as part of the process.

It encompasses periodic core tests for equipment’s and appliances’ electrical safety coupled with a visual inspection to ensure that your workforce is safe.

The best part for you is THAT IT’S DIRT CHEAP to implement, provides a robust historical documented outcome that you can use as evidence, should the need arise, and all you have to do is make a call. (to us, naturally.)

For people working in public places, or that have equipment in public areas, testing and tagging may even yield a cost neutral outcome by reducing your public liability exposure. Want to know more? Contact us at to see how we can help implement your preventative maintenance and workplace safety solutions.



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